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Cryo valves in use

Cryo container systems

Cryogenic liquefied gases are stored in various containers ranging in size from 1.000 litres up to 100 m³ and under storage pressures of up to 70 bar, depending upon reqirements and applications. Possible applications include medical oxygen supply systems or the storage of argon for welding gas supply in machine and plant construction. The following Goetze valves are used on the tanks: 2480 series cryogenic safety valve, 2980 series pressure build-up regulator and 2180 series shut-off valves.

LNG Applications

Facilities to handle liquefied natural gas are being built on a small scale for the energy markets of tomorrow. Cryo valves are being used in LNG distribution, transport, regasification or in the case of direct use such as LNG tank farms, creating an infrastructure that provides an interim solution on the way to hydrogen-based energy supply. The 2400/2480 series cryogenic safety valves and the 2140 and 2180 shut-off valves are used in these systems.

Cryogenic machining

Materials that are hard to work, such as titanium or superalloys, require new tool-cooling technologies due to the high temperatures that are created. Advantages of cooling with liquid nitrogen include significantly improved tool stability and no further need to use drilling emulsions that afterwards must be regenerated or disposed of.

Cryogenic biogas distillation

Cryogenic distillation makes use of the fact that the individual components of biogas have different condensation temperatures. The previously cleaned and dried biogas is cryogenically cooled down to -161°C to separate the methane (CH 4 ) from oxygen (O 2 ) and nitrogen (N 2 ). In this process, the methane contained liquefies and is separated from the air gases nitrogen and oxygen by gravity. The result is 98% pure bio-methane. The cryogenic safety valve of the 2480 series and the shut-off valves of the 2180 series are installed in systems of this type.

Tunnel cooling systems

The low storage temperature for liquid nitrogen, at down to -196°C, is used to freeze foodstuffs to around -70°C using precise temperature regulation. In addition, protective nitrogen atmospheres to prevent oxidation are used to increase the shelf-life of food products.

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