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Series 2140

The main function of the 2140 shut-off valve is the controlled opening and closing of pipeline sections via the valve seat integrated in the body. Due to the use of high-quality materials, the fitting can be used for cryogenic operation at temperatures down to -196°C. The shut-off valves are approved according to DIN EN 1626. The series is available in the nominal widths DN10 - DN50 and can be designed with connection options for welding ends and welding sockets. The manual valve actuator is operated via an ergonomically shaped handwheel, the open/closed position can be seen at all times via a visual position indicator. The valve upper section can be configured with three different actuator lengths depending on the application and operating environment.

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from - 196 °C to +120°C


PN 63

Welding end / welding socket

from DN 10 to DN 50

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