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Series 2480

The well proven safety valve series 2400 made of stainless steel has received a variant sister series, type 2480, that is made of gunmetal. This is characterised in particular by the fact that the outlet can be enlarged by one to two nominal widths. Functionality and performance comply exactly with the sister series and it is just as stable in terms of function and high performance capability. A fundamental requirement for us is that the approvals in accordance with ISO 4126-1 and AS ME Code Sec. VIII Div. 1 are also covered. All valves made of gunmetal are as a matter of course suitable for oxygen use and comply with basically all common delivery requirements of international standards like DIN EN, AST M, EIGA and CGA as well as the specifications of the gas producers.

Product detail


from - 200 °C to +200°C


from 0,2 bar to 70 bar

Threaded connections

from ¼“ to 1“

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